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The Reason Vision Boards Work and Why MasterMind Movie is NEXT LEVEL

So, you’ve probably heard of a vision board. One of the best, and most well-known, ways to jump-start your life has been to create a vision board for yourself—even Oprah swears by the power of vision boards—so you know there has to be something special about them!

For example, if there were something you’ve wanted to do, accomplish, or more importantly, if there a specific way you’d like to feel in your life, then creating a vision board might be exactly what you need to level up your life.



Vision boards work because they act like visualization tools that we see every day. Visualizing the life you want for yourself over and over cements those goals and desires into your subconscious, helping us manifest our dreams more easily. It’s like creating a map in your brain that leads directly to your best self.

You can fill your vision board up with all the things that make you feel the way you want to feel. Seeing them every day streamlines your vision for your life and rocket-launches you toward the life you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Now, are you ready to take your vision board to the next level?



That’s where the MasterMind Movie comes in. Think of the MasterMind Movie (MM) as a trailer for your life. It’s a movie that features YOU and the life you dream of living. It’s essentially a vision board you can take with you no matter where you go. It features your dreams and goals, customized especially for you, and inspires you to take action now.

Not later, not someday, right now.

Like vision boards, MMs help us to re-wire our brain so it’s tailored to go after our dreams. However, MMs create a more powerful experience and leave a greater impression on our subconscious mind. They are easier to engage in and they light up our senses through music, which cultivates positive emotions and feelings toward your goals.

MMs are created specifically for you, ensuring the entire video resonates with your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs), and it remains congruent with your personal truth. When you create an MM, you can include mantras or affirmations that will then be included in the video so that you not only say them to yourself, but so you can hear yourself saying them as well. Sometimes when we hear our words in a new way, they take on greater meaning and can help us to manifest our dreams more easily.

MMs leave a greater impact on us because we can be interactive with the video. From listening to the music, to hearing/repeating your mantras, you are programming your brain to think in a different way. It’s almost as if we are teaching ourselves new self-talk; self-talk that is loving, compassionate, and unafraid of empowering ourselves.


A MasterMind Movie also has some added benefits that a regular vision board lacks. Because MMs are so interactive, you often see much faster results than you would with a static vision board. MMs draw you in, so rather than simply visualizing your life by looking at pictures, you’re pulled into a film. MMs make it easier to feel what our lives could be like because we are actually seeing it in action on the screen.

As an added bonus, they’re a lot of fun to create! Think of it as going shopping for your ultimate life. You get to add whatever you want and be as creative as you want! In fact, the more of yourself you put into your MM, the better results you’ll get. So you don’t have to worry about doing it right or wrong—there is no right or wrong. There’s only YOU.


All you have to do is set aside a few minutes each morning to watch your MM. Incorporating some movement while you watch is ideal, but even standing on your feet works too.

Creating these kinds of tools that redirect our focus from things we want to how we want to feel is often just the kick we need to start pursuing our dreams and passions.

It’s time to get clear on what you want and start making a plan to get it. Do you want to keep waiting for the ‘right time?’

Or do you want transform your life?




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Chloe says September 23, 2016

Brilliant idea! I love the modern twist on the old idea of a vision board. Living in a small apartment, I don’t have the space for a giant piece of construction board to display my goals and dreams. I’ve found my solution!

    Master Mind Movie says October 6, 2016

    Awesome Chloe! Looking forward to see you at the retreat and excited to observe what unfolds for you!

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