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The Often Fuzzy Moments called Motherhood

Is it just me, or are you sometimes—okay, often—forgetful during the first few months, and even years, of being a new Mum? Some of my Mum friends with teen children say they are absent-minded all the time.

Can we blame THE FOG on Parenthood in General?

Call it fog, fuzz or any word that eases the ego blow of a temporary brain lapse! I’ve been known to use my age as an excuse: “…gave birth at forty-five so approaching my 50’s…” It seems to cut me some slack.

The truth is, however, that in this day and age, we in the first world have too much information—we aren’t as zone-focused and simple (i.e. more multi-tasking oriented) as our past generations were.

In fact, one University of Michigan study found that multi-tasking actually leads to poor overall performance when it comes to staying focused and retaining information.

So what’s beneath it all?

We’re sleep deprived. We’re not living in the moment. We’re stressed out.

Did you know that our ability to retain information is directly correlated with how much sleep we get? That ought to answer some questions for you.

Finding time to take a short 60-90 minute (no longer!) nap can turn your world on its head. All of us moms have heard it before, sleep when your baby sleeps—or if all else fails, you can always sip on some caffeine throughout the day.

But when was the last time you set aside time for you?

Let yourself relax! We’ve got to start taking better care of ourselves.

Take yourself out on a date, to a yoga class, or sit down with your favorite book. Whatever it is, make time for it. If you can’t set aside alone time, unwind with the babes. Play a game, read together, go for a walk; really be with them.

Come back to the present moment. There are so many ways to do this; you just have to find what works for you.

Start now by taking one big, deep breath. Better?

Do whatever you need to do be fully present, wherever you are. This will help with remembering important information, as well as, sharpening your focus. It will train your brain to be in one place in any given moment, rather than twenty. You’ll pay better attention and therefore lose a little of The Fog.
It’s time to take back your memory / focus / LIFE !

There are so many contributing factors to The Fog.

Get more sleep, make time for yourself, eat better. It’s all been said before.

But what if you could change all that? What if you could create something that would bring you back to the present, reset your focus, and make space for the things you want?

What’s the Solution?

What I’ve chalked it all up to, is everyone forgets stuff—relevant and irrelevant. The solution is to not give a #*%$ about the irrelevant, ego-driven things and start to focus on the important stuff—like your ultimate life!

Like, focusing more on how you want to feel in the thick of all the crazy rather than letting the extraneous stuff rule your life.

What if you could create clarity and laser-like focus on the things you do want?

Imagine what you could do with clarity and focus?

Enter Vision Boards and [Even Better & More Powerful…] Your MasterMind Movie.

Each are created with your deepest desires in mind; carefully constructed visual representations of your dreams—at your fingertips.

Think of your vision board as a map with clear directions on how to reach your goals, dreams and desires. The MasterMind movie is your vision board coming to life. A short, interactive experience designed to propel you onto the path you’ve been envisioning for yourself.

In the middle of the beautiful chaos that is The Fog, we forget to check in with ourselves. We forget to take care of ourselves.

Do you know how you want to feel in your life?

Amidst sleep deprivation, multi-tasking, and all that planning, we need something to pull us back into the present moment.

We need an anchor to keep us grounded in our desires as we take care of everyone else’s.

Having your MasterMind movie available in those short, but oh-so-precious, quiet moments can make the difference between a crazed, frantic brain and a centered, clear mind.

Understanding how you want to feel and mapping out your way there will make a difference in your life and your children’s lives. You’ll create a clear path for yourself—one that resets your focus, brings you back to the moment, and hey, in the end it might even help you sleep better! I know it’s helped me focus on both income generating as well as goals for lifestyle and family vacations.

We’ve got to learn how to take care of ourselves, so that we can better take care of others. A happier you means a happier everybody else.

The fuzzy moments will begin to disappear, but more than that, you’ll start to feel better in everyday life. Which is the point of it all, YesYes?  To feel good.

Having an outlet to organize our desires can make all the difference.

There’s no better time than right now to figure out how you want to feel. Come with us, won’t you?

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