MasterMind Movie | MasterMind Movie

Simple Journeys to Create Your Very Own MasterMind Movie

A MasterMind Movie is Simply...

A 5-minute video scene of the ideal life you want to lead.

A more POWERFUL visualization tool than a vision board.

Like planting a seed for an incredible future so you can relax.

A visual and auditory buffet of your dreams, goals and desires.

Starts and unfolds with your CDFs or 'Core Desired Feelings'

Select images, both personal and aspired, in a moving picture format.

The Accelerated Approach to Design Your Ultimate Life

You only need to google 'the power of vision boards’, to find evidence of their often astounding effects on peoples’ lives. These are people who take action to create a vision of their dream life and are propelled forward in a positive way.

Oprah Winfrey and many other highly successful people have used vision board technique for generations. It consists of a poster or foam board of cut-out pictures, drawings and phrases of the things that you want in your life, or the things that you want to become.

Now if you haven’t jumped on the vision board bandwagon to success, there may be one very good reason, namely: “I can’t take it with me!”

So here’s the good news! I've created a way to power up and mobilize your vision board, TIMES INFINITY! So you can take it with you and view it like a moving picture vision board, wherever you are and whenever you like!

Here’s how it works: Using Danielle LaPorte’s book ‘The Desire Map’, as a tool, we’ll first workshop to discover your Core Desired Feelings (or CDFs) which are basically, the way you REALLY want to feel.

Using your CDFs as the framework, we then create a 5-minute video scene of the ideal life you want to lead. I call this your MasterMind Movie: a Trailer featuring Your Ultimate Future in the Present moment.

Your MasterMind Movie is:

- More enchanting and introspective than a static vision board

- A visual and auditory buffet of your dreams, goals and desires

- Selected images (personal + aspired), paired with upbeat music that resonates with you

- Added alpha waves and binaural beats

- Bonus subliminal messages that the conscious mind barely picks up on

- Recorded verbal affirmations subtly underlying other audio in your movie clip

…all edited together as your personally produced MasterMind Movie

Directions: View daily, preferably in the morning while standing and active

And you’ve now got on your device, a digital way to water your intuition and dreams just like a seedling you’d plant and nurture.