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3 Ways Your Lifestyle IMPROVES After a MasterMind Workshop

So, you’ve read all about the Desire Map. You’ve found a workshop in your area. But maybe you still have a few questions. Like:  What will I get out of it? How will it help my life?

If you’re still not quite sure the Desire Map MasterMind Movie workshop is for you, keep reading and find out three ways your entire life will be transformed after attending a MasterMind workshop!

1. Long-Lasting Clarity and Purpose

You’ll leave the Desire Map MasterMind Movie workshop with a clearer understanding of yourself. From the way you want to feel on a daily basis to taking the next steps toward the life that you’ve been dreaming about living for ages. During the Desire Map workshop, you’ll be given the tools and resources you need to get clear on how you want to feel in your life. We call these our Core Desired Feelings. Using these Core Desired Feelings (CDFs), your purpose and intentions also become clearer, allowing you to design the life you want.

After the Desire Map workshop you’ll no longer feel the need to ask for advice or question yourself. Once you dig into your CDFs and begin to understand that you’re in control of the way your life feels, self-doubt and fear are more easily kept at bay. Digging into your CDFs gives you a glimpse into all the possibilities there are for your life. Sometimes we get stuck not because we’re doing things wrong, but because we simply don’t know what we want for ourselves. And that’s what you’ll find out at the Desire Map workshop: exactly what you want in this life.

After you’ve done this kind of soul-work, there’s no going back. You’ll leave the workshop feeling confident, empowered, and ready to tackle your dreams.

2. Goals Created from the Heart and for YOUR Life

At the Desire Map workshop, we’ll not only dive into our true feelings, but we’ll also learn to apply them, practically, to our lives. We’ll talk about creating goals, setting intentions, designing our lives, right from the heart.

You’ll create a personalized MasterMind Movie, an active vision board experience, for you to take home and watch on a daily basis as a reminder of the goals you set for yourself, and as a daily mantra to help you continually return to your Soul.

Not only will you have your MasterMind Movie, you’ll also take home the knowledge you need to create goals from your heart. You’ll learn how to set goals for yourself that are congruent with the life you see for yourself. A life that is ever-changing, always-flowing, and magically Yours.

3. Long-Lasting (Re-)Connection to your Soul and Purpose

The work we do to understand our CDFs is profound. We’re reaching beneath our outer exterior, beyond all the voices that tell us we’re not good enough, and extending down into our Souls. We make a connection.

Not only does this connection help you design a life that is unique to you, it creates a bond. A bond that, once activated, is everlasting. It’s a relationship that consistently helps you return to yourself when the going gets tough. It turns the volume up in your soul and mutes all of those outside opinions and unsolicited advice. It helps you connect, or maybe reconnect, with your heart and build a life around that connection.

Your focus will shift from, what should I be doing? to, So THIS is how I’ll get started. Your questions will transform into answers, your doubts replaced by courage.

You’ll leave the MasterMind workshop with a knowing that your soul-centered goals are not end points. They are just the beginning of your soul work. They are sacred intentions you make with yourself, for yourself.  And they will transform your life.

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