About Roxanne | MasterMind Movie

Hi, I'm Roxy.

I am so excited to walk you through a mindful journey to create your very own personalized MasterMind Movie. I thought of this idea - which has built over time - knowing how effective and powerful a static vision board is for taking daily action steps toward reaching my ultimate goals and dreams. Turning this into a video clip that I can take with me has been a HUGE game changer. I've since witnessed many others use this method of mental rehearsing to achieve incredible success and tangible lifestyle results.

I have lived in and pursued my dream work in 7 countries, and started my own spa consulting business in SouthEast Asia in 2004. I've visited countless magical places for which I am truly grateful to have had the grace to set foot upon, and still observe those around me - especially my successful clients - use mental rehearsing visualization techniques to take their ideas, plans and life to the next level and beyond... Pretty powerful stuff!

If you're ready to dive in and create your own MasterMind Movie -- OR start with Desire Mapping to discover your Core Desired Feelings, check out my LIVE EVENTS tab!

My Core Desired Feelings

I come from such a service mentality having worked in the hospitality industry for so long, that it's not always easy or natural for me to take the spotlight. In my work life, I've typically shied away behind a 'greater being'  I believed in, to help them shine their light. So this is my offering to use some of the lessons that I've cultivated through teachings plus gifts of clarity I've been given through my yoga practice...and offer that up to you, using The Desire Map which has been divinely helpful in my life. I would love to help you create your own MasterMind movie. It's been something that - especially as a new and 'older' Mum - has helped me with the reality I want to create.

And this has brought ME front and center in my own reality so that I can shine a powerful light for myself, and as a result for my family, loved ones and the projects and issues I feel strongly about.  My current reality is pretty awesome since I feel the relief of having the focus to check in on my ideal vision on a daily basis, by viewing my MasterMind movie.  At the very least I watch my own personal 5-minute MasterMind movie every morning. It's made a HUGE difference in helping me stay in a zone and reminding me what my goals are, what my Core Desired Feelings are, and by helping me feel the way I want to feel, going forward in my life.

The GOLD is that it also helps me in the present! It re-focuses my vision again and again, so that I'm confident in the present without any anxiety of what's to come in the future, because I have a very clear picture of that. The power of mental rehearsing success and power is well-documented and has helped give me calm in the moment and peace of mind*. My MasterMind movie is definitely a game-changer as a new Mum because there is the anxiety that comes with the unknown, being a working Mom, and knowing you need one (if not two) decent incomes in the household -- all the while feeling confident that you see yourself consciously in each moment en route to achieving your desired dreams and goals.

• Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Restorative, NY – Mar ‘11
• Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga, NY – Oct ‘09
• Power Plate Remedial / Pain Management Therapist and creator of ‘Yoga for Power Plate’
• Yoga Anatomy with Tias Little, Singapore – Jul ‘08
• Certified 200-Hr Hatha Yoga II Instructor (Yoga Alliance), ChiangMai – Nov-Dec ‘07
• Certified 200-Hr Iyengar Yoga Instructor, Dehradun, India – Apr ‘03
• Certified 200-Hr Hatha Yoga Instructor, Rishikesh, India – Oct ‘98
• Jivamukti-Inspired Yoga Instructor
• Created ‘LA Boxing Circuits’: boxing cross training programs, with Golden Gloves Boxer, LA
• PNF Stretch Trainer (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching)
• Tera-Mai Reiki – 1st & 2nd Degree Certified – Oct ‘07
• Group Exercise Instructor, AFAA, San Francisco – Feb ‘01
• Kinesis Trainer – Technogym’s ‘Full-Gravity’, a pivoting pulley system
• Certified Personal Trainer, ACE, Chicago – Jul ‘96
• Stott Pilates Matwork I & II, Toronto – Apr ‘96
• Reebok Spin Cycling Instructor, LA – Sep ‘01
• Aqua Aerobics (Aquatic Fitness), Sydney – Jul ‘99
• PADI Certified Open Water Diver
• Licensed Gymnastics Coach, Toronto

• Thai Massage Therapist (Wat Po Traditional School of Thai Massage, Bangkok) – Jan ‘05
• Licensed Massage Therapist – Swedish Massage (California Healing Arts College) – Dec ‘99
• Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant (ACE), LA – Apr ‘99
• Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist I (Hawaii) – Nov ‘90