6-Days Paradise Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica | MasterMind Movie

Feb 18-23, 2017 | Desire Map +Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Desire Map & Yoga Retreat at Amatierra : Feb 18-23, 2017

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6-Days Desire Map Yoga Retreat at AmaTierra in Beautiful Costa Rica

AmaTierra is a life-enhancing guest facility nestled on 8 acres in the Costa Rican mountains 1 hour west of the capital city of San Jose and 1 hour north of the Central Pacific Beaches.

Enjoy a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of every-day life, and prepare for some relaxing days of pampering and dining amidst the most beautiful tropical forest surroundings. Take this opportunity and spend several days high up in the mountains, surrounded by lush forest.

If you need time to deflate, unwind and get clarity, this special eco-resort features an infinity-edge pool, dining/activity room, a balcony with breathtaking views and private casitas, each with an outdoor patio.  AmaTierra's, elevation, at 2000 feet, creates an ideal climate which stays between 62-84 degrees year round.


  • Based on the book, The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte, we will 'Desire Map' together to generate your Core Desired Feelings
  • Once you discover your unique Core Desired Feelings we will use them as the foundation to create your very own MasterMind Movie (optional)
  • Daily morning yoga with Rox
  • One-hour relaxing or deep tissue massage
  • Crystal singing bowl chakra balance and meditation with Jill
  • 5 nights / 6 days accommodation
  • Complimentary round-trip airport transfers from and to San Jose
  • All meals included while on site [at AmaTierra]
  • Optional Carara Park and Beach Adventure Tour (full day)  - OR -  Zipline at Turubari Park (half day)

Amatierra Desire Map Yoga Retreat Program


Hatha and Vinyasa styles of yoga. Yoga nourishes you on every level and it is equally important to feed the body, mind, and spirit. Roxanne will guide you through the practice of Soul Limbering all-levels yoga: asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath control), and dhyana (meditation).


THE DESIRE MAP WORKSHOP is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on. Get ready to dig deep - using The Desire Map best-selling book - as our guide to discover your “core desired feelings” – a guidance system for your decision-making. We will Desire Map for a few hours - noted in itinerary below - on Days 1, 2, 4 & 5. The rest of your time is free!

Your Core Desired Feelings are like a GPS for your soul.

Because at the end of the day, we’re not chasing the goal, we’re after how we think we’re going to feel when we get there – but more often than not, if the means don’t contribute to your happiness, neither will the end.

We’ll look at our perceptions around “feelings” and goal setting. We’ll examine how we drive and strive, and see where in our lives we experience freedom — and where we want more of it.

At gorgeous Amatierra eco-retreat and wellness center overlooking the Costa Rican mountains, we’ll create sacred space, both inner and outer.
  • We’re going to burn limiting beliefs (figuratively, and maybe literally.)
  • We'll offer up our own wisdom, relate and learn from each other
  • You will make some soul-anchored declarations and attach them to some every day PLANS. Poetic to the practical.

You will be guided through 5 LIFE AREAS, to explore your most desired feelings in:

  1. ​Lifestyle and Livelihood
  2. Creativity and Learning
  3. Body and Wellness
  4. Relationships and Society
  5. Essence and Spirituality

NOTE: Plan for aha’s and alleluias. After declaring their core desired feelings, people have been known to make changes and experience a renewed sense of purpose and direction.

Please bring something meaningful to place on the altar - an artifact, photo, pen, something sentimental...anything you feel holds some special symbolism for you in this season of your life. You'll be able to take this item/picture/special object home after the weekend, and it'll be super charged with sacred juju.


Optional for afternoon of Day 5:

Once we have completed the Desire Mapping process, you will have generated your unique Core Desired Feelings or CDFs. We will use your CDFs as the foundation of your MasterMind Movie, a 5-7 minute video clip of your dream life.


       Day 1 - Feb 18th
    • Arrival at AmaTierra
    • Greeting and Welcome Gift Kit including Desire Map Workbook
    • Introduction to The Desire Map with Roxanne
    • Sunset Yoga
    • Dinner
       Day 2 - Feb 19th
    • AM Yoga
    • Breakfast
    • The Desire Map (2hrs)
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon Desire Mapping - discover your Core Desired Feelings (2hrs)
    • Dinner
    * Book your complimentary 1 hour massage at your convenience for any day during retreat.
       Day 3 - Feb 20th
    • AM Yoga
    • Breakfast
    • Optional Day Tour (full or half day paid tours)
    • or Chill Day at Amatierra
    • Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra Balance, and Meditation - group experience
    • Dinner
       Day 4 - Feb 21st
    • AM Yoga
    • Breakfast
    • The Desire Map (2hrs)
    • Lunch
    • Choose your Core Desired Feelings (CDFs)! Celebrate! (2hrs)
    • Dinner
       Day 5 - Feb 22nd
    • AM Yoga
    • Morning Level 2 takes us to the next step > you've clarified your Core Desired Feelings, and now you're ready to use powerful awareness to guide your choices. No more "talking about" it - time for action. You will make some soul-anchored declarations and attach them to some every day PLANS. (2hrs)
    • Lunch
    • Creative Time! (OPTION:) Using your CDFs as the foundation to your 'moving picture vision board', we consult together to produce your MasterMind Movie...a short video clip of the ultimate life you'd like to create (this can begin together with Rox and sent to you via downloadable link) --> Alternatively, more free time!
    • Dinner
       Day 6 - Feb 23rd
    • AM Yoga
    • Breakfast
    • Wrapping up. Retreiving meaningful item from alter and closing 'ciaos'!
    • Check out from Amatierra

    Instructors / Holistic Therapists

    Roxanne de Guzman, Yoga Instructor and Desire Map Facilitator

    Roxanne is passionate about helping women find clarity by pinpointing negative self-talk and re-inventing how they want to FEEL so that free time is more focused on things that matter.

    As a mama, entrepreneur and Spa Sorceress, she believes in magnifying the qualities that empower and encourage ACTION. Roxanne has been a certified Fitness Coach and Yoga Instructor (Hatha, Iyengar and Anti-Gravity Aerial) since 1996 and has been leading Desire Map Workshops worldwide since early 2015.

    Roxanne's spa consulting business has been recognized in AsiaSpa magazine and Crystal Awards for highest standards in five-star service, as she has implemented add-on branded packages - like Anti-Gravity Aerial yoga - at resorts in SouthEast Asia.

    Her blend of Thai massage with PNF stretch (Active Thai Stretch method) is the reason Rox's private clients fly her around the globe! Her core desired feelings are Steady, Spacious, Golden & Groovy.

    Learn more about Rox here.

    Jill Ruttenberg, Registered AHG Professional Herbalist and Massage Therapist

    Among many other skills and talents, Jill Ruttenberg is a registered herbalist (AHG) who specializes in Chinese and western herbal medicine.

    She is a colleague of Dr. Andrew Weil, the father of integrative and alternative medicine. Jill actively participated in weekly patient conferences at the program in Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona Medical Center and has had the honor of studying with some of the most esteemed herbalists and OMDs in the world.


    This Desire Map Yoga Retreat will take place at AmaTierra, about an hour’s drive southwest from San José.



    This special eco-resort features an infinity-edge pool, dining and activity room, a balcony with breathtaking views and 10 private casitas, each with an outdoor patio. Versatility is Amatierra’s mantra, offering basic lodging and breakfast. AmaTierra is a non-smoking property.

    Things To Do (Optional)


    Carara National Park Jungle / Beach Tour

    Carara National Park is home to the only Scarlet Macaw habitat in the Central Pacific Region. The opportunity to see the Scarlet Macaws is guaranteed on all our tours. The park is home to animals like Howler and White Faced Monkeys, Spiny Tailed Iguanas, Lizards, Toucans, Agouties, (Rabbit related), Peccaries (Wild Boar related), Coatis (Raccoon related), White Bats, Colorful Butterflies, and a variety of over 400 Bird species found in over 10,000 acres of jungle. Leaves approx. 7am and returns 4-5pm. US$95 per person


    Gliding from platform to platform, secured by your harness, enjoy flying through the local jungle canopies. Measuring 1Km long and with a maximum height of 315 feet, 'sensational cable' is a must-do, and is nearby Amatierra. US$65 and includes transportation.

    Horseback Riding

    Measuring 8,335 feet and lasting 45-60 mins, this is a great alternative for those who like to unite ecology and adventure. During this trip, the guides explain all flora and fauna that can be observed. Healthy horses are trained to offer the safety, peace of mind and comfort.

    *more exciting tours to consider at this link: Amatierra All Tours​

    What's Included

    • 5 nights accommodation
    • All meals while on site at AmaTierra
    • 1 hour complimentary massage
    • Daily morning hatha flow yoga
    • Crystal singing bowl chakra balance and meditation
    • Airport transfers
    • Complimentary Desire Map Workbook
    • Days 1, 2 & 4: Desire Mapping based on The Desire Map book by Danielle LaPorte
    • Day 3: Chill Time - OR -  Optional Carara Beach and Park Adventure Tour
    • Day 5 (option): compile and edit your personalized MasterMind movie, a video scene of the ideal life you want to create - guided by Rox
    • Special Gift Pack just for you!
    • PLUS: Plenty of relaxation, unwinding and recharging the Soul!

    Retreat Snapshot

    What's Not Included

    • Flight Tickets

    Package Price

    US$1,899 per person based on double occupancy.

    US$2,099 per person based on single occupancy.

    *Register before midnight on Jan 20, 2017 and receive $100 off Package Price! Enter YOGA100 coupon code at checkout.

    Booking Conditions


    Payment in full OR if deposit preferred, a US$400 advance deposit is required to confirm your reservation. Payment of the balance is due 30 days prior to your arrival.


    Cancellation requests must be received in writing (email) 30 days before arrival for full repayment of deposit.  Cancellations made in writing 29 days until 2 days before arrival, 50% of deposit. If one day before arrival or no show, will apply a 100% penalty.

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