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The Reason Vision Boards Work and Why MasterMind Movie is NEXT LEVEL

So, you’ve probably heard of a vision board. One of the best, and most well-known, ways to jump-start your life has been to create a vision board for yourself—even Oprah swears by the power of vision boards—so you know there has to be something special about them! For example, if there were something you’ve wanted […]

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How to Go from Thinking, “One Day…” to Taking Action NOW

Is there something you’ve been dreaming of doing your entire life? You’d like to write a book or travel the whole of South America; maybe you want to start a business or climb Mt. Everest. You’ve been dreaming (and talking) about it for years. But you haven’t actually done anything to get closer to that […]

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3 Ways Your Lifestyle IMPROVES After a MasterMind Workshop

So, you’ve read all about the Desire Map. You’ve found a workshop in your area. But maybe you still have a few questions. Like:  What will I get out of it? How will it help my life? If you’re still not quite sure the Desire Map MasterMind Movie workshop is for you, keep reading and […]

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The Often Fuzzy Moments called Motherhood

Is it just me, or are you sometimes—okay, often—forgetful during the first few months, and even years, of being a new Mum? Some of my Mum friends with teen children say they are absent-minded all the time. Can we blame THE FOG on Parenthood in General? Call it fog, fuzz or any word that eases […]

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